Spanish Tapas Sampler


The easiest way to satiate a taste for Spanish food is with the Cúrate Tapas Sampler, ideal to serve 4-6 people. This perfectly packaged meal will remind you of your favorite tapas spot on La Rambla or Gran Via!

  • Croquetas de Pollo* – 12 ultra-creamy chicken croquettes, frozen
  • Butifarra* – a housemade version of traditional Catalan-style mild sausage made with local WNC pork. Try with our romesco sauce!
  • Romesco – traditional Spanish sauce featuring tomato, garlic, nuts and chilis, best paired with grilled meats and vegetables
  • Pan de Cristal con Tomate* – a frozen, par-baked pan de cristal baguette and ½ pint of fresh tomate fresco
  • Carabineros* – these amazing head-on prawns from the mediterranean are ready for your grill, broiler, or cast iron skillet, they don’t need anything at all, sear them hard for a couple minutes on each side and enjoy; raw, 6 prawns
  • Escalivada – roasted red bell peppers, onion & eggplant in a reserve sherry vinaigrette
  • Pincho Moruno* – 4 of Cúrate’s popular lamb skewers marinated with moorish spices; frozen

Please note: To ensure freshness, this product ships on Mondays and Tuesdays. Orders must be placed by 8pm Saturday for the following week.

*Items require preparation, cooking instructions are provided.