Güeyu Mar Mejillones a la Brasa


Small mussels in marinade, chargrilled with dried eucalyptus wood, picked and canned in cider vinegar and arbequina olive oil.


Abel Álvarez is elevating the tinned fish game. His restaurant on the northern coast of Asturias was deemed one of Spain’s “Templos del producto” and now we can enjoy the Gueyumar experience anywhere, anytime. In addition to loving tinned fish, he saw canning as a great opportunity to employ the staff from his tiny seasonal restaurant year round.

Well known in the natural wine world for his cutting edge list, he’s popped up all over Europe and cooked in places like the Jura for Jean-Francois Ganevat, amongst others. As wine importers, we always look for producers who capture their landscape in a bottle, well he’s done the same except it’s fish in a can. In fact, if a vigneron’s hands are telling of their hard work in the vineyard, the burns up and down Abel’s hands and arms reflect those of a hard working “brasa” master. Everything he tins is cooked over the wood fire and conserved in 100% Arbequina EVOO from Canena. To our knowledge, this is the only product of its kind.

Eat them straight out of the can, plate them as is or use them in recipes. They taste great in every way. However, Abel recommends heating ever so slightly at low temperature for maximum expression. Years of R&D combined with trial and error have made this type of chef driven gastronomic experience accessible to all.