The Cúrate crew is excited to bring you La Bodega by Cúrate – a one-stop shop for takeout paella, casual lunch, semi-prepared Cúrate favorites, Spanish specialty items, charcuterie and a full selection of wine, beer, cider, vermouth, and sherry — now available for in-store-shopping, curbside pickup, or nationwide shipping! Swing by to stock your fridge, pantry, freezer and wine cellar with the tastes of Spain!


paella of the week

a classic spanish favorite, hot and ready to eat check back for a new flavor each week.

bocadillos y ensaladas / sandwiches

hamburguesa ibérica
apple brandy beef and cinco jotas iberico pork burger, iberico lardo, mushrooms, piquillo peppers, potato bun, served with chips

bocadillo de jamón y manchego
serrano ham on a baguette with fresh grated tomato and manchego

bocadillo de tortilla francesa
soft rolled french-style omelette on a baguette with tomato

bocadillo de boquerones
preserved white asparagus, pickled spanish white anchovies, all i oli, radicchio, and tarragon on a baguette

bocadillo de escalivada
roasted eggplant, onion and peppers served on baguette with soft goat cheese and spicy greens

ensalada verde
market greens, roasted shallot dressing, hard-boiled egg, castelvetrano olives, seasonal vegetables

empanadillas / small baked hand pies

empanadilla de gallega
tuna, tomato, onion & egg in true galician style

empanadilla de carrilleras
braised iberico pork cheeks with green tomato jam

empanadilla de tortilla
tortilla espanola wtih manchego cheese and piquillo peppers

verduras / salads & veggies

ensalada de sardinas y manzanas
straight from the cúrate menu, piquillo peppers stuffed with spanish goat cheese (cold)

pimientos de piquillo rellenos
straight from the cúrate menu, piquillo peppers stuffed with spanish goat cheese (cold)

roasted red pepper, onion and eggplant in a sherry vinaigrette

ensaladilla rusa
spanish potato salad with carrot, hard boiled egg, bonito tuna and peas

gazpacho, 10 oz and 32 oz
classic chilled tomato and cucumber soup

tortilla espanola
our signature curate-style tortilla (refrigerated) the classic spanish potato and onion frittata

ensaladilla rusa
classic spanish potato salad with hard boiled egg, spanish bonito tuna, piquillo peppers and mazanilla olives


paleta ibérica
cinco jotas 100% pure ibérico shoulder

lomo ibérico
cinco jotas 100% pure ibérico cured pork loin

jamón serrano
fermin spanish cured ham

pasteurized, 6 months hard aged sheep’s milk with buttery notes

murcia al vino
firm but extremely buttery pasteurized goats milk cheese washed in red wine during ripening

cabra al gofio
a goat cheese of the canary islands that is pleasantly milky and mild

spanish charcuterie crackers

cocas / catalan flatbreads

coca de cebolla by the slice
traditional flatbread with caramelized onions and thyme

coca lomo ibérico
traditional flatbread with caramelized onions and thyme; add anchovies, jamon or sliced manchego cheese for the ultimate experience

coca de judion y almejas
traditional flatbread featuring giant white beans from navarra, SC clams from clammer dave, local green tomato jam, chili oil

dulces / sweets

churros + chocolate
spanish-style fried dough pastry with dipping chocolate

helado de semana
spanish-inspired flavors, rotates weekly

flan de huevo
orange-saffron flan and smoked caramel

housemade basque-style cheesecake
housemade basque-style cheesecake, crustless with a soft center *allow 72 hours


take cúrate home!

semi-prepared versions of our most popular dishes to prepare at home


coming soon!
fin de semana / weekends 11am – 3pm

huevos rotos
fried egg over crispy potatoes with serrano ham

a sweet spanish delicacy, challah loaf soaked in a citrus cinnamon custard and seared until golden brown, served with fresh berries and sherry sabayon

arroz a la cubana
rice with tomato and a fried egg

spanish specialty items


spanish wine + vermouth + sangria + sherry + beer + cider



What precautions are being taken for guest and emloyee safety during COVID-19?Our restaurants are following all North Carolina state mandates and CDC best practices in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.  All guests above the age of 2 will be required to wear cloth face masks or coverings. All employees will wear face masks throughout service. All employees are Count on Me NC certified. The restaurant will operate at 50% capacity until further notice. Hand sanitation stations are provided to guests. We ask that guests who have a temperature of over 99F, feel unwell, or have been around people diagnosed with COVID-19 to please stay home. Our employees are also submitting to daily health checks through the Slate Pages app.

How do I return my paella pan? Drop off paella pan returns during regular business hours to guarantee that an employee will be able to receive the return. We are open Wednesday-Sunday from 8:30am to 7pm.

What is the curbside pickup location? All curbside orders should be picked up at the designated time at 32 S. Lexington Avenue. Please pull over when you see the A-frame chalkboard. Someone will come out to take your name, and collect your order.

How far in advance can orders be placed? Orders can be placed 6 days in advance. Paellas for the week are announced on Sunday, with the first pickup on Wednesday.

Is there parking available? We do not offer on-site parking or valet service, but the City of Asheville offers several parking garage options. See parking garage locations and pay rates.

Do you offer gift cards? Yes. Gift cards are available to purchase in the restaurant and also online. We only offer electronic gift cards. At the moment, we are only able to accept La Bodega by Cúrate gift cards. Cúrate Bar de Tapas, gift cards and gift cards for national food shipping and the Cúrate Spanish Wine Club are not accepted at this location.