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Pan de Cristal “Glass Bread”


Make the classic pan con tomate with this pan de cristal. In Catalunya, it’s known as pan amb tomaquet. “Glass bread” is classically crunchy and thin and provides an incredible vessel for the simplest of tapas. Cúrate flies it’s pan de cristal in from bakers in Barcelona. It’s the real thing.

Pair pan de cristal with tomate fresco, or Spanish blue cheese and escalivada. Don’t forget the crunchy salt and olive oil. We’ll ship them all to your door from Asheville, and you’ll be transported to a plaza in Spain.

As Katie Button told Food & Wine in 2017, “For a proper vermouth experience… the gilda (anchovy, olive and piparra) to start, pan de cristal con tomate (tomato bread that will forever linger in your imagination), a selection of cured Spanish ham that will melt in your mouth and cockles with Bonilla à la Vista potato chips from Spain and obviously a vermouth beverage.”

Pan de cristal ships from frozen, and has been par-baked. Simply slice the loaf down the center longways, toast and spread with the toppings of your choice. Tomate Fresco not included.

Please note: To ensure freshness, this product ships on Mondays and Tuesdays. Orders must be placed by 8pm Saturday for the following week.

Out of stock