Spicewalla Nora Chilli Flakes


elightfully earthy and absolutely essential to Spanish cooking and cuisine, dive into the Nora Chilli! This the paprika pepper – it’s sweet, with lots of depth, but virtually no heat. This version from Spicewalla, an incredible spice company located in Asheville, NC, comes in flake form instead of ground into a powder. It packs a perfect flavor punch.

In Spain, Nora Chillis are used in paella, sausages, other stews, seafood and rice dishes. Nora is also a critical ingredient for making nutty and delicious romesco sauce. Commonly, these small, round Nora Chilli peppers are dried whole, but the flaked form is super convenient and easy to use at home.

Our friends from Spicewalla bring some of the freshest and most flavorful spices to the market. These Nora Chillis are no exception!