Güeyu Mar Conservas Experience


Abel Álvarez of Asturias’s lauded Güeyumar restaurant caught two fish with one net when he developed Güeyu Mar chargrilled canned foods: the perfect way to bring distinguished palates around the world an 100% homemade gourmet experience straight from his grill, and a solution to employ his team year round. We love these tinned delights almost as much as we value that kind of dedication to sustainable employment! This charming kit is perfect to eat right away, and also boxed up nicely for a gift, including:

  • Calamar de Otro Planeta, 6oz can – Squid in its ink with a slight touch of charcoal and a spectacular ink sauce, dense but delicate. Truly a conserva from another planet.
  • Sardinas en Escabeche, 5.3oz can – Large sardines roasted with holm oak wood and canned in the Arbequina de Castillo de Canena brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil, alongside apple cider vinegar and aromatic spices.
  • Cockles Chargrilled, 5.3oz can – Cockle braised with a mixture of birch, beech and oak woods, and canned with extra virgin olive oil from Arberquino from Torre de Canena. With a touch of habanero pepper.
  • Cúrate Salsa de Aperitivo – our housemade vinegar based condiment with Spanish paprika, garlic and black pepper, best with tinned seafood, potato chips, or even avocado toast
  • Torres Potato Chips – Spanish potato chips, fried in 100% olive oil

This package requires no preparation.