Housemade Spanish Sausage Collection


All made in-house by Cúrate chefs from high-quality local North Carolina pork, you won’t find a better representation of classic Spanish fresh sausages. Package includes Butifarra, fresh Chorizo, Chistorra.

  • Butifarra – a housemade version of a traditional Catalan-style sausage, ready to be grilled or heated in a cast iron skillet; great with Romesco (raw)
  • Chorizo – housemade iconic spicy Spanish sausage, ready for your grill or cast iron skillet (raw)
  • Chistorra – spicy chorizo from the Basque country, ready for your grill, broiler, or cast iron skillet, delicious with mashed potatoes or chips (cooked)

All products are frozen, and require preparation. Cooking instructions are provided with package.