Refresh with a Porron!

The Porron story at Cúrate in Asheville

Porron at Curate

The porron originates in Spain as a way to share wine with friends without touching lips to the container. They were popularized for use during calçotadas, outdoor grilling parties named after the calçot, an onion similar to a ramp. Bringing wine glasses out to the calçotada was not always feasible, so the porron was developed as a way to share wine more easily. The porron tradition is alive today, very evident in the Catalan region.

Click this link for more information from the company that supplies our porrons: De Maison Website

Porron definition

Porron definition from De Maison selections website

Drinking from a porron is a unique experience. The bulbous vessel has a pointed spout that you aim toward your mouth and pour, aerating the beverage as you drink. With practice, you pull the porron farther from your mouth and pour from a distance. Skilled porron drinkers simply jut out their lower lip to catch the beverage stream.

In Spain, the porron is typically filled with wine, but at Cúrate we make a unique beer concoction. This cuts down on wine stains on our guests’ clothing! We use Estrella Damm lager and Fever Tree Sparkling Lemon soda to create a summery, refreshing quaff.

  • 16 oz. Estrella Damm Lager
  • One 6.8 oz bottle Fever Tree Sparkling Lemon
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
Felix demonstrates drinking from the porron

Felix demonstrates drinking from the porron

Just before the opening of Cúrate in 2011, when our staff gathered to clean and prepare the restaurant for service, Felix introduced the porron. He had each of our staff try the porron, which was filled with water. Some excelled, many spilled, but we all enjoyed the new drinking method. It’s almost impossible not to laugh while using or watching someone drink from the porron. On opening night, we passed the porron down the bar for tapas diners to try.

Now we have been open over four years, and it is common to hear bursts of applause and shouts of delight as guests try the porron. Perfect for parties, the porron experience is more than just a way to imbibe. It is a communal experience that highlights a meal.

Guests at Cúrate enjoy the porron experience

Guests at Cúrate enjoy the porron experience

If you are in Asheville, we sell porron pitchers for use at home. You can often find them at specialty wine and kitchen stores as well. Try this drink at home using the recipe above. Felix also suggests filling the porron with a chilled white wine. He recommends a Txakoli, which has a slight effervescence.

Pour, share, and enjoy!