Spanish Specialty Foods Gift Basket


An excellent option for a corporate gift, or to send to a friend, these incredibly high quality Spanish specialty foods are packaged in a gift box, ready to send to someone who deserves a special surprise!

  • Almendras – skin-on fried and salted marcona almonds (8oz)
  • Esparragos Blancos – tender and delicate white asparagus spears (27.5oz can)
  • Cúrate Salsa de Aperitivo – our housemade vinegar based condiment with Spanish paprika, garlic and black pepper, best with tinned seafood, potato chips, or even avocado toast (3oz bottle)
  • Sardinas – baby sardines packed in olive oil (4oz can)
  • Ventresca de Atun Claro – premium light tuna belly in olive oil (4.5oz can)
  • Molino 100% Arbequina EVOO – While an incredible value oil for cooking, this EVOO is considered strictly a finishing oil for most. This single varietal arbequina EVOO is harvested just a few short weeks after O-Med production is finished. Green apple and banana persist through the palate with a soft flavor (500mL)
  • O-Med Sherry Vinegar – This is Katie’s go to sherry vinegar for dressing salads, it has a nice flavor of the sherry barrels it is aged in with a hint of sweetness (250mL)
  • Mermelada de Higo – Mitica handmade Valencian fig jam made from only 2 ingredients: chunky Pajarero figs and lemon honey (7oz)
  • Nocilla – Chocolate hazelnut spread
  • Escamas del Mediterraneo – Mediterranean sea salt flakes, (250g)
  • Ines Rosales Tortas – Rosemary & Thyme flavor, NET WT 6.3 OZ – 6 individually wrapped tortas