Nightbell’s awesome employee – January edition


From Assistant Manager & Event Coordinator Anita Elliott:

To start the new year off right, a big thank you is in order to one of our hardest-working staff members, Galen Marshall-Clark! She began her Nightbell trek as a server and as a host as needed, always flexible. One of her best attributes is her infectious enthusiasm. Her genuinely positive disposition lends a great vibe to service.

Galen is Nightbell’s first employee of the month for 2016!

A true professional, Galen is the perfect example of ‘grace under fire’ and handles busy situations with humor and poise. She is a joy to be around and guests appreciate her graciousness and fantastic service. Galen loves to hustle on the floor and brings energy unmatched by most.

For her great work, Galen received a gift card to local eatery Chai Pani.