Nightbell Chef de Cuisine Joins Healthy Eating Workshop

Nightbell Chef de Cuisine Eric Morris Participates in Healthy Eating Workshop

This August, the Nightbell Chef de Cuisine, Eric Morris, participated in a multi-day workshop, Healthy Eating in Practice, hosted by ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) at Asheville’s own Grove Park Inn.  

While seasonality and procuring fresh products from local farms is an integral part of the Nightbell menu, it is often harder for people to implement those habits in everyday life. As the name suggests, the workshop housed sessions based on healthy eating practices, such as, “Farm to Hospital to Improve Patient Health,” “What is Culinary Medicine,” and “Farm to School decreases Childhood Obesity.”  Chef Eric led a cooking workshop named “Power Snacking” where he demonstrated recipes for healthy snacking in practice.

Chef Eric was joined by both regional and local presenters including Kelly D Brownell of the Duke University World Food Policy Center, and fellow chefs Meherwan Irani (Chai Pani, MG Road and Buxton Hall), and John Fleer (Rhubarb), along with many others.

Thanks for cooking (and sharing!) your passion, Chef Eric!