Cúrate recognizes awesome employees for February

Cúrate management has chosen the two “awesome employees” this month

Andrew Eastep is Cúrate’s back-of-house awesome employee.
Andrew keeps a smile on his face whil working the busy line at Cúrate.

Andrew keeps a smile on his face while working the busy line at Cúrate.

Heirloom Hopsitality Group’s Director of Culinary Operations Frank Muller said, “Andrew and I began talking about bringing him over to Cúrate in December of 2014.  He was looking to relocate from Virginia with his fiancee, but the timing of it all didn’t seem like it was going to work out.  Luckily, when he arrived in Asheville in January, we had a position for him.

 I’m glad he was able to join our team as Rojo, a nickname I’m sure he has encountered before. He has proven to be a reliable cook who is steadily learning every station in the restaurant.   I look forward to seeing Andrew continue to grow as Cúrate grows.”
Andrew received a gift card to local restaurant Chestnut.

Server Michael Weber is Cúrate’s front-of-house employee honored this month.

Michael Weber is part of the original crew that opened Cúrate in 2011.

Michael Weber is part of the team that opened Cúrate in 2011.

Assistant Manager Mark Baker said, “Michael Weber is our most awesome employee of the month for February. He is one of the few remaining members still with us from the original crew when Cúrate first opened almost five years ago. His consistency and excellence throughout his entire time here is truly remarkable and we are extremely lucky to have him. He is also the master of puns and creating original voices, keeping us all entertained! His gift card choice was Asheville Brewing.”