Cúrate on Thrillist as an Asheville must-try

Thrillist published an article highlighting “10 small cities with world-class food scenes,” and Asheville was on the list with other foodtopias like Aspen, Colorado and Portland, Maine.


“Is Asheville a great beer city? Yes. In fact, it’s one of the best in the whole country (the best, if you happen to live there). But despite my best efforts, a man can’t live on beer alone (for long). Luckily, this paragon of Southern hospitality with a hippie twist keeps right up with that beer cred with a bustling, complex food scene.

“Carolina BBQ is scattered throughout the region, but Asheville is basically one-stop shopping for whole hog, with Buxton Hall serving as a highlight of the meat scene… and somehow managing that pulled pork glory without the benefit of it being made in a roadside shack of questionable structural integrity. Rhubarb represents one of the best damned Southern restaurants, period (hint: get anything with bacon… so everything). Concrete bunker The Admiral offers up amazing takes on the fusion thing (curried fried chicken FTW), Curate — with its amazing seafood and fresh-sliced iberico ham — hits requisite tapas/fine-dining buttons, while Chai Pani offers up Indian-infused takes on pub fare. Oh, and you’re in the South. Get biscuits. Preferably with fried chicken atHomeGrown. It pairs well with beer. Everything does when you’re in a city that ranks among the best beer and food cities in the US.”


Cúrate is a great spot to eat Spanish tapas in Asheville.

It’s hard to choose just a few places to dine in Asheville, but the above list is a good start. Make a reservation at Cúrate to enjoy Spanish tapas when you visit!