NEW CÚRATE CIDER – coming soon!

NEW CÚRATE CIDER – coming soon!

A collaboration with Botanist & Barrel



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About a year ago, we met with the fine folks from Botanist & Barrel, well-loved local producers of natural ciders and wines, to start an exciting project – a locally produced Spanish-style Cúrate Cider to honor both our western North Carolina apple growers, and the sidra natural that the people of Northern Spain have enjoyed for thousands of years. We loved the Cúrate cider that we brought to you previously, but buying from local producers is integral to our mission, so we’re really proud of this one!

Chef Katie Button and Felix Meana knew it needed to be funky, natural, unfiltered, and bone dry. After choosing just the right apples, harvesting, blending, tasting and canning, we’re thrilled to announce that the brand new Botanist & Barrel x Cúrate Spanish-style Cider will hit shelves near you in mid-May! It’s made from cold-pressed crab apples and other varieties from NC and VA and partially aged in cognac and chardonnay barrels, and amazingly delicious.

We are working on shipping and delivery options, so if you are interested in getting your hands on some, fill out the form below and you’ll be the first to receive information on ordering and the release!

We’re thrilled to be able to share something new with you in such an uncertain time, and we are fueled by all of the love, support, and the resourcefulness of our local community that we’ve seen over the past few months. Keeping with the local theme, this image is a glimpse of the can artwork, a branch of apple blossoms, hand-painted by Scott Allred at Brushcan Murals – beautiful!

Sneak peek of can art by Scott Allred of Brushcan Murals


Felix Meana, Lyndon Smith and Amie Fields blending & tasting


Partially aged in cognac and chardonnay barrels


Discussing the custom Spanish-style blend at Botanist & Barrel