Chef’s holiday guilty pleasures – taste the season

Jennifer Fauci, blogger for The Latin Kitchen, talked to five chefs about their favorite guilty pleasures during the winter holidays.

Chef Katie Button, executive chef and co-owner of Cúrate Tapas Bar and Nightbell Restaurant & Lounge, chose eggnog, a creamy treat that has become a tradition in her Asheville home.

Homemade eggnog, Chef Button's holiday favorite. Photo by Evan Sung.

Homemade eggnog, Chef Button’s holiday favorite. Photo by Evan Sung.

From the blog: “Eggnog, while technically a cocktail or delicious nonalcoholic beverage, is more of a dessert to me than anything,” said Button. “It’s super rich and super creamy and spiked with a little bourbon. It makes the most decadent guilty pleasure dessert.

Eggnog also represents everything Button loves about the holiday season: getting together with family to share a meal and gift opening. What better way to utilize a punch bowl than for eggnog?

“Every Christmas, I make a big batch, set out a giant punch bowl with mugs around it and leave the bottle of bourbon next to the bowl so that each person can spike their drink to their liking,” said Button. 

The other chefs in the article, Victor Albisu, Jose Garces, Wilo Benet and Santiago Puga mention their favorites that make the season special. Their choices range from traditional to creative (pumpkin flan!) and inspire a content feeling for the holiday season.