Chef Katie Button and Munchies: The “steak dinner of your dreams”

For their “Workaholics” series, Asheville chef Katie Button creates a dish from her newly-released cookbook, Cúrate: Authentic Spanish Food from an American Kitchen.

A complete meal from Chef Katie Button for Munchies' Workaholics series. Photo by Munchies staff.

A complete meal from Chef Katie Button for Munchies’ Workaholics series. Photo by Munchies staff.

The dishes on Workaholics are designed to take 30 minutes to prepare and cook, but must be delicious. Katie Button was up for the challenge, and did not disappoint!

For her Workaholics dish, Button went all in and made an entire meal: a juicy rib-eye with blue cheese dressing, roasted potatoes, and an artichoke salad with yogurt and sweet potato chips. But this isn’t brain surgery. It’s dinner. For even the most novice cook, it will take little more than 30 minutes. And for Button, this is a weekly meal. “When you’ve been on your feet all day, protein sounds really good at the end of the shift. This meal will make you feel pretty good.”

The feature includes recipe links for each dish, and step-by-step photos of Chef Katie creating this simply delicious meal. From satisfying starch and protein, crisp vegetables and creamy sauces, the meal combines everything you’re craving.

Chef Katie’s science background makes helps her understanding of cooking principles and techniques. It also gives her a “big picture” look at the world and her role as a chef.
She takes a bite. “I’m not saving the human population these days compared to my previous life in the science lab, but I’m making their lives a little easier by feeding them. I do often think about the connection between your food and your brain, and I think there is some major relationship between good food and happiness, but I don’t know.” We think it might start with this steak.

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For more of Chef Katie Button’s recipes, order her cookbook!