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Heirloom Hospitality Group Culinary Scholarship recipient expresses her thanks

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At Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, students receive excellent education. Their culinary program is renowned for excellence, and we are happy to support the program and its students. Through the A-B Tech foundation, the Heirloom Hospitality Group Culinary Scholarship provides an aspiring female chef with an annual scholarship.

From A-B Tech’s College Advancement newsletter:

Christina Granillo AB Tech

The 2015 recipient, Christina Granillo, worked at Cúrate to fulfill her internship for the program. Her letter of thanks, below, really sums up why she is such a deserving recipient – her work ethic, great attitude, and willingness to learn and grow through experience.

Dear Ms. Liz and Ms. Katie Button:

It is hard for me to fully express my gratitude for receiving the Heirloom Hospitality Group Culinary Scholarship again this year. I feel as though all of my efforts and hard work are validated through such an honor. Because of your generosity, the cost of receiving this first-class education won’t be such a strain on me this year. This scholarship is especially important to me now that I am an intern at Curate. I feel honored to work there each day I clock in, and knowing that I work for such giving people makes me even more proud. My first year in the culinary program at AB Tech has been a very rewarding challenge, and I have to say that so far my internship has been even more so.

I honestly believe that during my one month interning at Curate and my first year at AB Tech, I have learned more than I have in a very long time doing anything else. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into in the beginning, but it has been wonderful to learn as much as I have about the industry and about myself. I have always second guessed myself in everything I do. I was completely terrified when I staged at Curate, and even more so my first day showing up for my internship. Having never been in a professional kitchen before, the first few weeks challenged me more than I have ever been challenged in my life, both mentally and physically. There were times where I wondered if I could actually do it. I had no option but to take in everything and push myself harder. A month later, I feel like a better human being knowing that I can do it. I have learned to love the challenge. The lessons I have been taught in school and at my internship in true integrity, pride, cleanliness, and efficiency have been life-changing, and this is only the first year! I cannot wait to see how much I have gown as a student and cook a year from now. Because of your generosity and belief in me, this dream of mine is actually coming true. For that, I am so very grateful.

Christina at work in Cúrate's open kitchen. Photo by instagram user @masonplusdixon

Christina, left, at work in Cúrate’s open kitchen. Photo by instagram user @masonplusdixon

I realize how fortunate I am to have to have this opportunity. I wanted to thank you so much for seeing potential in me. I am a better student and person because of it. I hope one day to be in a position to do the same for a student with a dream and a love for food and cooking. I know that with my education at AB Tech and my internship at Curate, I am on the right path to reaching all of my goals. I could not ask for a better place to work or a better group to work for. I am truly thankful.

We are so proud of Christina’s achievements thus far in her scholarly and professional career.