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At Nightbell in downtown Asheville, NC, chef de cuisine Chad Holmes had this to say about their awesome employee for June 2015:
“Brian Barker has been named Nightbell’s employee of the month! He has proven himself to be a great asset to our team. His passion for food is unmatched, proven by the fact that he spends a lot of his off time buying and reading cookbooks and staging in kitchens such as The Riverstead in Chilhowie,VA, for chef John Shields. While he only has a few years of kitchen experience, he makes up for that in attitude and willingness to do whatever is needed to get any job done when asked. He is a quiet guy most of the time, unless he is talking about food or beer (which he knows a lot about) and then he lights up. This guy is like a sponge when it comes to food knowledge and we expect big things from him in the future. We are very lucky to have him as part of the Nightbell team.”

It was a bittersweet night Friday, May 29, as we bid farewell to César Meana, our original DJ and manager – and Felix’s brother. He has moved back to Spain and we already miss him dearly. He helped to develop the musical mood and design at Nightbell, with the help of local music stores and DJs.

Devin Hill, Nightbell sous chef, is also moving on, to the Atlanta area. Devin has cooked at both Cúrate and Nightbell, working with Heirloom for many years. She is an incredible chef, showing care and focus when creating dishes. Her positive attitude brightens our day. We wish her well and hope she visits Asheville often.

Assistant manager Anita Elliott has transitioned from Cúrate to Nightbell. She is also event coordinator for both restaurants. Her expertise in event planning and gues relations made her the perfect candidate for Nightbell manager. She leads the staff with a smile and vivacious energy.

Lee Helms, former Cúrate line cook, has been promoted to sous chef at Nightbell to take over for Devin. His hard work and great attitude make him perfect for Nightbell. He is a skilled and adventurous cook who will ensure quality with every creation.

Say hello and welcome to new assistant manager Joe Minnich. He is a true industry professional and we look forward to making him part of the Heirloom family.

Nightbell, Asheville