Nightbell Awesome Employee: November

The Nightbell team is thankful for bartender Dan Byers

Dan takes notes at a recent pre-shift meeting.

Dan takes notes at a recent pre-shift meeting. Photo by Tamsen Todisco.

From assistant manager Anita Ellliott:

What can we say about Dan? “Pardon me!” (Said in a British accent)

He was one of the first employees that I met when I started here six months ago, and I have been smiling and laughing at his jokes ever since. His infectious laughter, whether it’s over his recent fantasy football win or some hilarious encounter, matches his gregarious personality. It is a good thing that he is a bartender and a darn good one too, because we couldn’t see him doing anything else. When he isn’t busy helping to raise his three kids, he is making homemade cola or infusing sweet tea bitters. Ingeniously helping to invent some off-the-wall tinctures, our bar team is launching us to new heights, which could not happen without Dan. Oh, and guests like him too, so that helps. We appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and professionalism that he brings to the team. Let us all raise a mason jar of hot tea to Dan!