“Lives came together, dreams came true:” Chef Katie Button and Felix Meana on “Speaking of Travel” Podcast

Marilyn Ball hosted Katie and Felix on her most recent episode of “Speaking of Travel,” an Asheville-based podcast and radio show that features interviews and travel stories.


Felix Meana and Chef Katie Button at their second restaurant, Nightbell. Photo by Evan Sung

Marilyn began the interview with a story of one of her favorite birthday experiences, a dinner at Cúrate Tapas Bar, which she said was “like being on a journey to Spain.”

Chef Katie spoke to Marilyn about her travel-rich childhood, as her father was a pilot. This love of travel continued as she matured. Travel shaped her career choices, and helped her to find true happiness in her life – as well as true love.

Katie and Felix talked about how they met at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., and their mutual passion for food and travel united into a love for each other. They moved to Asheville to create a restaurant, feeling the connection many have to the area. Felix’s experience in fine dining service and Katie’s cooking expertise combine with the casual family atmosphere to make Cúrate one of Asheville’s most notable restaurants.

Marilyn spoke to the duo about their leisure travel, which is usually to Spain to visit Felix’s family. They take more business travel, learning and experiencing different food, wine and spirits around the country and the world. They also bring staff along on some trips, making sure they speak the same food language and “understand the same philosophy,” Felix said.

Felix and Katie in Madrid on a 2014 Spain trip with staff.

Felix and Katie in Madrid on a 2014 Spain trip with staff.

Listen to the full podcast here to hear more about Nightbell, Cúrate and Katie and Felix’s shared passion for travel and food.