Carmen Vaquera is a pastry chef, amplified

Do you ever wonder about who is making your food and what their other skills may entail? Cooks are often creative, scientific (as seen with Chef Katie Button), and multifaceted. Our pastry chef, Carmen Vaquera, combines her loves for writing and culture by moonlighting as a writer for AMPLIFIER zine, a Greensboro-based web publication that provides a creative outlet for North Carolina writers.

Carmen Vaquera - Pastry Chef

Carmen Vaquera – Pastry Chef

AMPLIFIER published an interview with Vaquera, delving into her hobbies and chef career.

From the interview:

[DC] Does your pastry career help you to meet interesting artists and visionaries in your community?

[CV] Absolutely. Asheville is becoming a food destination and being a part of that movement in a small city is a special thing. When I am not in a kitchen, I am always out supporting other local businesses, and I meet new, talented people every week. People who live in Asheville are very open and friendly—it’s to make new friends and connections everywhere you go.

[DC] Where do you see yourself going from here?

[CV] I am pretty content with where I am right now, developing plated desserts and beyond. I would love to have a simple little bake shop of my own one day, but in due time. Right now, I am using this time to learn and grow as a chef. Every year I attempt to expand my knowledge base, skills sets, and I’m trying to find my artistic voice. Discovering what your style is in any creative field can be a lifelong journey. Right now, I really enjoy delving further into classic techniques and gaining practice with avant-garde and modernist techniques. I have a love for the old as well as the new. I think my future aspirations lie somewhere between the two.

One of Carmen's custom cake creations, as seen on her Instagram feed.

One of Carmen’s custom cake creations, as seen on her Instagram feed.

Read the full interview and learn more about Carmen’s life outside the kitchen. Taste her creations at Nightbell and Cúrate, and follow her on Instagram @chefcarmenvaquera to see beautiful dessert images!