Awesome Employees at Nightbell this June/July

Each month at Nightbell, managers recognize awesome employees. Each receives a gift card to a local business as a reward for their hard work.

awesome employees Jake Beaver and Christina Klein at Nightbell

Jake and Christina before a Saturday night shift at Nightbell


The June awesome employee at Nightbell is Christina Klein, bartender and server.

“A Florida transplant and only with us for a short time, Christina is quickly becoming a welcome addition to the Nightbell family. While many know her as one of our bartenders and servers, not many know that she is an expert sandwich maker and an ex-ballerina. With a terrific attitude and smile, Christina is a natural with our guests. She already has a few shout outs on social media for her wonderful service. She is both reliable and flexible and certainly makes a mean ‘Fernet about it.’ If you really want to see her shine, catch her singing karaoke. Thanks Tina! We are glad you joined the team.” -former assistant manager, Anita Elliott

Christina’s gift card was for Chestnut.


Our awesome employee for July is Jake Beaver, host, backwait, dishwasher, and soon to be line and prep cook – he’s a true Renaissance man!

“Despite many traits, and the inability to discover victory in any chess match, Jake has shown class and professionalism in almost every corner of Nightbell. His work ethic certainly does not tire, nor does his eagerness to be a part of anything and everything he can get his hands on. He works diligently and with focus no matter the position he is working. Through observation and questioning, he somehow finds time to do a little more than he is asked. His love for food and people is evident. We are so happy to have him as part of the Nightbell team.” -assistant manager Ethan Boyer

Jake received a gift card to Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack.

Congratulations to these awesome employees!